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March 2014

I am Wealthy and Wise

In this very moment I set aside all thoughts of myself and of wealth. I center my heart and thoughts into the One Life that is God. My thoughts are the thoughts of God. I now see the vision God is as my life, my…

I Am Ready To Give and Receive Love

I am attracting a loving relationship which is nourishing, fulfilling, and lasting. There is a spiritual connection between me and my companion. I know the person I am searching for is searching for me. The search is over! I accept love right now. I thank…

Attracting the Perfect Mate

I claim for myself that daily I sit quietly and contemplate the lover of life-God. I know that God the great lover loves me unconditionally. And I feel this down to my toes. I am illumined always with this power for good which is Love….

I Have Unique Talents

My Creator has given me unique talents. These gifts are mine to use however I choose. I love using them to give goodness back to my world. I have talents that bring joy and fun. I have skills that use my intelligence and wisdom. My…