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Girlfriend Gatherings

The newly formed CSL women’s group had its inaugural launch on Thursday night, March 20th. And surprisingly, the event left me with thoughts of Sigmund Freud.

Strange I know, but hang with me for a bit—I’ll get back to Sigmund.

Sitting around the table with a group of women of various ages and situations that opening night, I was struck with the power of this gathering of females.

The Thing You Fear The Most

A friend of mine is reaching the age where he’s starting to plan for retirement, so he’s doing everything he can to secure a comfortable future. He maximized his 401(k) contributions. He purchased long-term-care insurance. He bought an annuity. He’s doing all the things you’re supposed to do to guarantee security. From a financial planner’s perspective he’s doing all the right things, and yet I’m not sure he’s doing them for the right reason.

The Meaning of Life

A couple of years ago I was in the studio doing a webinar that was being broadcast live to a few thousand people. After being on the air for two hours, at the very end of the broadcast the interviewer says, “Dr. Chris, we only have about thirty seconds left, and I just have one more question for you: What’s the meaning of life?” And I said, “You want me to answer that in thirty seconds, do you? Well, actually I can.”