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We Are the Ones

…I’m getting tired, I’m growing weary of the world’s woes. I’m tired of religions that preach hate instead of love–telling me I can’t love people that are different—saying God is offended by them.   I’m tired of corporations poisoning our food to maximize profit but…

The Perfect Act of Acceptance

During service this week, a perfect stranger approached me. I went to shake his hand; he quickly offered a hug, saying, “Good morning.”

To him, I’m sure it was one of countless hugs he doled out at the Center during service. But to me, in that moment, it was the perfect act of acceptance, to have reached for one level of greeting and be welcomed with a strong, firm affirmation of welcome and love in the Spirit.

Heavy Load

I won’t bore you with any details about my work the last few weeks mainly because I suspect you all have seen that frenzied look in my eyes, so you have a sense of it. And a week ago Sunday, it wasn’t a frenzy, and I wasn’t even running on fumes anymore; I was gasping for air.