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Hidden Treasures

Poet and American philosopher Henry David Thoreau wrote: “Nature is full of genius, full of the divinity; so that not a snowflake escapes its fashioning hand.” We look too far away for miracles. We seek power from external sources when the power to choose our destiny is within our own reach. We seek to gain fortune from others by exchanging our time and effort for their resources. And yet our greatest riches can come only from following the talent that’s been placed within us by our Creator. When we’re confused, we run around asking other people what to do instead of connecting to the Source of all wisdom within our own mind.


The good you seek from others has been left inside you to discover. The God you go in search of up there in the sky is present here on earth. It has not abandoned its creation. It lives inside you. It is guiding you toward life-fulfillment through your dreams. It is providing your mind with new ideas. It will lead you to love if you’ll just follow your heart.


We approach life as though we are powerless victims, when the truth is, we are powerful co-creators. We are already in partnership with Divine. It is the Intelligence within our bodies causing them to breathe and circulate our blood. It is the Life within our cells regenerating and creating billions of new ones every day just so we can stay alive. It is the Wisdom in our minds that we access through our thoughts. It is the Love in our hearts that allows us to feel. God is not an external deity, it’s an internal Presence. It is an indwelling Spirit that occupies every living thing.


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