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For Lysa Allman-Baldwin, her almost 25 years of freelance and travel writing has led her on many amazing journeys. A few years ago, her travels crossed paths with a very personal, inner journey which resulted in her new book, I Cried. And People Loved Me Anyway.
It’s the story of how, due to a series of events that happened within a very short period of time, her life completely fell apart and she was literally, ready to check out. No longer able to maintain the subconscious façades she had built up since childhood, the master of coverups she had become shattered into tiny little bits, and all that was left was her. And she had no idea who she really was.

One of her book reviewers wrote:
“Lysa Allman-Baldwin has taken the very worst of experiences, filleted open her soul, and allowed us to take a peek inside. Her brutal honesty, willingness to show all the warts, and bravery in coming through this dark journey holds treasures for the rest of us.”
-Kate Guimbellot, Motivational Speaker and Trainer

We invite you to attend Lysa’s book signing Sunday, August 5, 2018 at 11:30am and be among the first to learn how through faith, self-forgiveness and a lot of unconditional love, she moved from the depths of despair to living a truly authentic life filled with passion and purpose. If you’d like to order a pre-publication copy of Lysa’s book at a special discount price, contact her at

The always popular CSL Night at the K
Friday August 10

This year’s game is against the St. Louis Cardinals. Wear your Royal blue or Cardinal red. Or both if your loyalties are divided. Just have fun with it.
It’s also Fireworks Friday after the game.
We have a block of 40 tickets that will be available to purchase beginning Sunday July 15 for $18 each until they are gone. They will go fast.

Purchase in the lobby at CSL beginning Sunday July 15

We are all about collaboration and A Bigger Table in 2018! We want our youth to know this truth as well! Join us and our new friends for this fun night for teens!
Dinner is included.
To register for the event, please visit



El-Scari Harvey Art Gallery is dedicated to the presence & potential of marginalized visual artists. Our monthly changing gallery highlights this power.

Thursday 4PM – 8PM
Friday 4PM – 8PM
Saturday Noon – 4PM
Sunday 9AM – Noon

Link for the El-Scari Harvey Art Submission. Each artist can apply for multiple months if they desire.

Monthly Themes


July-K-12–Many Artists first realize their gifts long before the world has told them what they can’t be. If you are the parent or guardian of a 5-18 year old or grade K-12 (homeschooled included) year old visual artist we want to highlight your work this month!
August-Abstraction—submit your original abstract art; that which tells a story without words or form. Art that defies definition or rules.
September-Over 50–you are better with time. Now you have the time for your passion and we need to experience it. This month we feature all artists over the age of 50 at any level.
October-The Body Politic—honoring the body, our relationship to it with ourselves, others and our complication in it.
November-Fight the Power—submit your original activist and passionate art that highlights social justice issues that are often ignored or belittled.
December- Flames of Faith—over 26 sacred holidays are celebrated during this time of year. Submit work that symbolizes your faith and your connection to it, whatever that faith may be.