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The Thing You Fear The Most

A friend of mine is reaching the age where he’s starting to plan for retirement, so he’s doing everything he can to secure a comfortable future.  He maximized his 401(k) contributions.  He purchased long-term-care insurance.  He bought an annuity. He’s doing all the things you’re supposed to do to guarantee security.  From a financial planner’s perspective he’s doing all the right things, and yet I’m not sure he’s doing them for the right reason.


The problem is, it’s not just your actions that dictate your future.  It’s more the motivation behind them that is causative.  In other words, it’s your consciousness, or belief system, that creates your experience.

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So, if you’re planning a future based on what you fear might happen, guess what’s going to happen—the very thing you feared the most.  When this occurs people usually say, “See, it’s a good thing I prepared for this, because look what happened.”  But what they don’t know is that the thing they feared the most came to them because they prepared for it.  They expected it.  Their belief in the negative experience is actually what caused it to occur.

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So I want to tell my friend, save your money, but don’t save it for medical costs in case you get sick.  Save it for a condo at the beach or to spend on a handsome lover in the Greek islands when you retire.  Now, that’s worth saving for, right?  Can’t you just see yourself at eighty years old, all wrinkled and rich, lying on a beach somewhere, being waited on hand and foot?


Be not afraid.  Plan a mit apotek24 future that excites you, one that invigorates you: one that’s worthy of a spiritual being living in an unlimited universe.  Set the vision for your future high, way up there, beyond where your fears can reach.


From The Power of You by Dr. Chris Michaels

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