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We Are the Ones

…I’m getting tired,
I’m growing weary of the world’s woes.
I’m tired of religions that preach hate instead of love–telling me I can’t love people that are different—saying God is offended by them.


I’m tired of corporations poisoning our food to maximize profit but making us sick… and then having drug companies offer cures that don’t work.


I’m tired of schools that feed our kids junk food and tell them they have A.D.D. because they can’t sit still. They can’t sit still because their systems are overloaded with sugar and the curriculum is outdated.


I’m tired of a medical care system that has no care at all.


I’m tired of a government that’s doesn’t serve the people…and politicians that keep yelling—“vote for me, I’ll fix it.”
It doesn’t matter who you put in a broken down, old car—
Nobody can drive it anywhere—-because it’s broke!


I’m tired of women being disrespected and called bitches.
Women are your mothers and sisters—-they deserve to be treated with respect! The power of the feminine is what we desperately need to heal our world!


I’m tired of our planet being treated like a garbage dump and people who have their heads in the sand about how Mother Earth is hurting and wounded.


I’m tired of young, black men being gunned down in the streets—and a justice system that offers no justice for them.


I’m tired —-

But most of all I’m tired of people thinking there’s nothing we can do about it…that we just have to sit back like some helpless victims and watch it all happen.


These aren’t political issues I’m talking about; these are social and moral issues—
It’s not just liberals and Democrats that are complaining about the system so are conservatives and Republicans.


We’ve had enough finger-pointing and blame-placing between parties.
It’s not the party that’s going to change things—
It’s the people—-



Excerpt from Sunday, June 14th Lesson, Dr. Chris Michaels

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