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Giving Back

Do you want to help keep CSL beautiful? Great! We could use your help! Contact Dan Craft, to see how you can help!





CSL & Crosslines Community Outreach

Crosslines is a local non-profit built on a simple idea that poverty borne problems can be answered best by looking to the community for solutions and working together to tackle them.
In 2019 CSL will support Cross-Lines with a portion of our Sunday offerings, collection drives, and volunteer opportunities throughout the year. Email Chuck at for volunteer opportunities.

Cross-Lines Community Kitchen Volunteers needed!

4th Thursday of the odd months:
10:30 – 1:00


Volunteers will prepare meals for the less fortunate and homeless
646 S. 7th Street KCKS 66105

We will be preparing and serving lunch.
Meet at Cross Lines at 10:30.

Sign up in the Lobby at CSL.

For more information contact: Chuck 913-314-2477,

Cross-Lines Community Senior Commodities Volunteer Opportunity

1st Saturday of the even months for commodities –
9am until 11am


Support organizing, filling boxes of canned goods and groceries for lower income and the elderly.
10-15 volunteers needed
736 Shawnee Ave. KCKS 66105
Sign up in the Lobby at CSL.
For more information contact: Chuck 913-314-2477,



There’s a song that says, “We are the ones that we’ve been waiting for, we are the ones that will make a difference.”  We’ve been waiting for you; join us in making that difference and contributing to our vision.




TPL-1We all share something in common with each other: we want to feel as though what we do contributes to the lifting up of consciousness on the planet.  Quite frankly, that’s the motivation behind everything we do.  All of our services, classes, workshops, and events are held so that our community and the greater global community can be healed, uplifted, and inspired.


This is your chance to join in, support our cause, and make a positive impact on the world.  The Prosperous Life program is one way to connect with others who are making a difference.


The Prosperous Life (TPL) is an annual program is based on the spiritual practice of tithing- honoring that which spiritually nourishes you and maintaining the flow of prosperity.  Whether you become a tither or a committed giver, you are in that flow and allowing others’ lives to be impacted.  Someone did it before you showed up here; you’re doing it to prepare the way for whomever needs the CSL next.


For more information or to sign up for The Prosperous Life, contact the office, (816) 931-2395.



There is an ancient Greek proverb that says, “A society grows when old men plant trees whose shade they know they shall never sit in.”  That’s why we started the Gift of Love program.  We want to ensure the spiritual principles we teach will go on healing and transforming lives for many generations to come.  By participating in this program, you are setting up the means for CSL-KC to become a beneficiary of an insurance policy and program we have arranged.


After meeting with our Gift of Love Program Coordinator to determine your best donation options, you will purchase the appropriate policy and gift it to CSL-KC.  You continue to pay premiums through CSL-KC while you receive the income tax deductions.  We handle all administration of the policy for you and your loved ones.


For more information or to set up an appointment with the Gift of Love Program Coordinator, contact our office at (816) 931-2395 or



mindful mattersWe believe that service to others is a spiritual practice, and we want to create an environment where everyone feels like they are treasured guests in our home.  We call this Mindful Service.  It is recognition that we are all One, and along with being a transformative practice,  it’s a great way to meet new people and stay connected.


If you know which are you prefer or are wanting to explore how you can make a difference through service, contact the office

Community Outreach

Each year we do various projects and support non-profits in the Kansas City area.  We undertake cooperative partnerships with organizations and communities in need, so our members gain personal empowerment and effect meaningful change in our city and the greater world community.


Facility Care Crew

Maybe you love to work in the yard, or you get excited about organizing our kitchen.  If you have talents in plumbing, electricity, carpentry, or general maintenance, you would be ideal for helping maintain CSL-KC too.


Fun-Raising Team

Some places have fund raising teams; we have FUN-raising teams.  That’s because we know joy, energy, and love will deliver all the prosperity we need.  Whether it’s creating a prohibition-era dinner club or having a night with the STARS, CSL-KC works together to make our annual fundraiser unique and powerful…just like us!


Love, Care, and Comfort

This spiritual care ministry visits or calls congregants during times of health challenge, transition, and grief.  The team members are made of congregants CSL-KC who are trained to listen deeply without giving advice, maintain confidentiality, and be present in a peaceful, respectful, and compassionate manner.


Media and Sound Booth

Our audio and visuals capture the ambiance of our services and events with a seamless blend of sound, visual aids, and lighting.  They are trained by the best, and provide and satisfying spiritual experience for guests with their expertise.  If you have an affinity for computers and gadgets, love enhancing people’s experience through music, video, and sound, this is a great place to build your skills.


Setup and Cleanup Crew

There is always a class, event, or service going on at CSL-KC.  This means chairs are being stacked or set, tables rolled in and out, and rooms being cleaned and prepared.  There are affirmation cards to go out, tablecloths to drape, and floors to be vacuumed.


Social Club

We love our social time!  Throughout the year, the Social Club organizes a variety of well-loved events including an annual picnic, a business networking day, movie nights, potlucks, and game nights.  No matter what we are doing, we are enjoying being part of a like-minded community and providing love and support for one another.


Spirit In Action

There are many roles which make Sunday and Wednesday services at CL-KC the powerful and transformative events that they are.  And whether you are ushering, greeting, providing hospitality, or taking up the offering, you are demonstrating spirit in action.


Youth Service

As our community grows there are many ways adults can support Youth.  Opportunities include teaching using a prepared lesson plan, assisting with special programming, providing entertainment, serving as camp counselors, assisting with maintaining and organizing the youth area, and more.  Even if you are scared of kids (and some of our best teachers were!), we know there is a spot for you to help our kids learn these truths now rather than later.  We would love to find the perfect way you can help and support them!



Community Outreach – Each fall, our community picks one non-profits within the Kansas City Metro area to support through tithing our time, talents, and treasures. In addition, we have our annual Adopt-A-Family Holiday Program. CSL-KC has worked together to provide gifts and supplies to as many as six families, our non-profit partners, and sometimes other organizations. We also do an annual Animal Ministry Donation Drive, and other projects throughout the year.


Community Outreach Coordinator – Chuck Romero


Are you looking for ways to support CSL?
Below is a wish list of everyday items. Bring to CSL or write your check and in the comment section let us know what you wish to contribute to. We appreciate your support. For more information , contact us as listed below or at the office at  (816) 931-2395.
Office needs – contact the office
8 ½ x 11 20lb copy paper (white)
Card Stock, white
Blue and Black ink Pens,
posted notes (yellow pad)
Dry eraser markers large and  small
large easel pads white
small and  large manila envelopes
Youth and Family Ministry Needs – Jessica Royer, Youth Director
Buttons, buttons, buttons
Brown paper bags
Empty plastic containers with lids (ex. butter containers)
Random things that people don’t need anymore that could be used when telling a story (magic wands, old phones, a Sigmund Freud doll or other wacky doll, plastic food, things that are missing their “mate” – shoe, salt shaker, old bags, stones, etc.)
Funny glasses and hats (for April)
Plain white men’s t-shirts (need at least 12)
Hospitality Needs – contact the office
Individual packets/Sugar and sugar substitute,
10’’ paper plates, 6” dessert paper plates, 9 oz paper cups, napkins.
No Styrofoam please
Coffee,  decaf and regular
Coffee creamer
Facility needs- contact the office
Toilet paper for all bathrooms, Costco brand (Kirkland)
Paper towels for dispensers 9” z-fold,
Black Mulch, shrubs, weed and feed fertilizer
AV team needs – contact the office
Two DVD players with remote or combo DVD/VCR any make
CD-RW blank CDs and blank DVRs
9 volt batteries.