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Youth Services

Celebrating the Season of Light

The Youth Department have been celebrating the Season of Light starting with the traditions of Dia de Los Muertos and Diwali. In December we are celebrating by learning about the holidays in several faith traditions including Bohdi Day (Buddhism), Hanukkah (Judaism), Christmas (Christianity) and Kwanzaa.
On December 22 during our regular class time we will have our holiday party with special crafts, treats, games and presents. All Classes will participate (Nursery, Ocean Room (5-10, Buddha Room (10-18).
December 29 is 5th Sunday. The YFM is responsible for the hospitality table. More info later.

We need you and your energy! Classroom assistants needed for every age group. Contact Jessica!



Consider becoming a CSL Mentor for Youth.
We’d love to have you.
Just contact Jessica Royer, Youth Director, at



Nurturing our youth to discover and express their unique spiritual gifts through love, acceptance, and the Science of Mind Principles.



Our Wish List and Needs

Below are items the Youth and Family Ministry Department is needing for upcoming lessons.  If you have any items, please drop them off at the CSL office or contact


  • Metronome
  • Iron (automatic shut off)
  • Picture Mattes 8×10 (neutral colors)
  • World map
  • Globe
  • Blow Dryer
  • Glue: Elmer’s, wood, fabric (no sticks)
  • Keys (any kind – preferably without covers on them)
  • White lunch bags
  • Buttons, buttons, buttons
Thank you for supporting our youth!



General Information.

Our youth program at the Center is focused on creating a safe environment for youth to learn and practice spiritual concepts. Children and teens are encouraged to discover their individual understanding of Spirit through books, crafts, and discussion. We encourage our youth to practice the Science of Mind principles in their own lives, including affirmation, treatment, and meditation.

Teamwork at Camp







Childcare provided for Sunday services and Wednesday Night Wisdom.







The Youth Ministry at the Center is designed to encourage children to develop self-awareness and to understand that their lives have purpose.  Our curriculum is prepared around the weekly lessons shared with parents and members, creating opportunities for meaningful discussions outside of the classrooms.  Emphasis is placed on recognizing our God qualities and understanding that we are here to give and receive love. Our department is divided into three primary areas:  Nursery (up to 3 years), Youth (4-9) and Tweens/Teens (10 up).






The primary staff includes the Youth Director and our two Youth Leaders.  Our Teen Youth Leader handles the curriculum design and overall coordination with our pre-teens and teens.  Our Junior Youth Leader designs curriculum for our younger classrooms and their overseeing activities.


During services, classes, and events, our classrooms are monitored and run by volunteers.  All volunteers complete applications and undergo background checks.  In addition, they participate in training workshops and regularly join in conversations to create a cohesive team of compassionate caregiving. Children are always accompanied and procedures are in place to make this a safe and loving environment for them to blossom.





Staff and family members work closely together to ensure that a child’s needs are met.  Dietary issues, medical concerns, special circumstances in a child’s life are shared to create a greater understanding of factors that influence behavior.


We believe in supporting parents in their spiritual growth by having childcare during workshops, providing scheduled programming to allow parents a night off, and offering childcare during Wednesday Night Wisdom lessons in addition to youth offerings on Sundays.





IMG_0516Members of CSL-Kansas City support the youth department through committed giving, monetary donations, supporting fundraisers and donating time, talent and materials.  Current material needs include:  G-Rated DVD’s, plastic kitchen toys geared for children under 3yrs old, hand sanitizers and wet-wipes.











9am Sunday Service:  9Time is supervised free-play for children while parents attend our meditation service.


10am Sunday Service:  With multiple classrooms running, we provide lessons to our older children while providing childcare for our youngest participants in the nursery.


The nursery offers children up to three-years old the opportunity to engage in play, learning important lessons about sharing and caring for one another.  There is space provided for nursing mothers and both men’s and women’s restrooms are equipped with changing tables.


For our older children, we provided lessons that connect to the lesson being taught in service.  Each of the three remaining class rooms has age-appropriate materials and activities. The youth curriculum is typically formatted to include music, lessons, conversations and a related activity.


Children want to have fun, so we offer a variety of creative approaches to teaching ranging from creating craft projects related to the lesson, storytelling, and inviting special guests to entertain.  Likewise, we devote time to imparting lessons on spiritual practices such as meditation, yoga, and the importance of community involvement.




Lesson Plan Sample:  Working with a Restless Mind


We all experience what is known as “Monkey chatter” where our mind becomes muddled by confusing thoughts.  Buddha said that we all have monkeys jumping around in our brains, trying to get our attention.  A restless monkey mind is when your mind jumps from one thought to another.  Meditation allows us relax and focus on our thoughts which often gives us a different perspective on the world around us.


Activity: Seeing the world with a new perspectiveyouth yoga

The children practice a new method of yoga






Craft:  Monkeying Around

monkeying aroundChildren create puppets and engage in monkey chatter.








Teen Program.


The teen program delves deeper into the lessons and the importance of spiritual practices in daily living.  In addition to time spent in the classroom, they are involved in outside social events and work in harmony to serve others through volunteerism within the Center.  They participate in an annual retreat at a nearby youth camp that is designed to encourage camaraderie and personal expression.

Sample Teen Lesson:




“You are here to be what Nature intended you to be: a fully expressed, once-in-a-life-time, never-again-repeated-in-all-of-history, unique, strange and powerful individual.” -Dr. Chris Michaels


Discussion:  Exercising your right to be YOU


•             Discuss- when do you conform, when do you do your own thing?

•             Is it easy or a challenge to do your own thing?

•             Have you ever gone along with something for a while, then decided you didn’t really want to?  How did people around you react?


Activity:  You are unfolding to your unique selfyouth decorating MOW

•             In the middle of a blank piece of paper write the word “you”

•             Fold the paper, ask everyone for words that describe their lives, circumstances, e.g., school, family…keep folding the paper and write the words that people say….clothes, health, nice, mean, smart, dumb, music, hair, sports, friends, money, house, parents…..until the paper is folded up tiny with all of the words written all over the folds.

•             Then, slowly unfold the paper, discussing the different layers of a person, the outside stuff

•             At the very center…what is there…..YOU….your uniqueness is ALWAYS there….you don’t have to find it, or learn it, or wait for it…it is there…the universe made sure of it…!

•             Complete acceptance of everything that makes you who you are








As our community grows there are more opportunities for adults to participate in the Youth Area.  Opportunities include teaching using a prepared lesson plan, assisting with special programming, providing entertainment, serving as camp counselors, assisting with maintaining and organizing the youth area, etc.


For teachers:

  • Lessons are pre-planned and all supplies are ready to go
  • · There are established structures and expectations to create routine and known rules
  • · Training and feedback build your confidence and success
  • · Even with little to no experience you can succeed and contribute your unique talents
  • · We work to have multiple teachers in most classrooms and a Youth Coordinator or Director on hand to support you
  • · Schedules are created monthly so you can fit volunteering into your schedule
  • · You receive instant love and reward in the form of hugs, smiles, laughter, and trust


Volunteer opportunities outside of the classroom:

  • Fundraising
  • Music, singing, dancing/movement
  • Arts and crafts, sewing, painting
  • Special events
  • Drama, skits, puppets
  • Camp Counselors
  • Cleaning and/or organizing supplies and classrooms
  • Picking up supplies
  • Social Media for Youth
  • Assisting with Volunteer appreciation\
  • Leading youth in meditation,  yoga, Tai Chi , and more.