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Make Some Joy

I get a big kick out of watching other people have joy. I get a big kick out of being part of other people having joy. So, it was no surprise to me that the viral video of two grandmothers experiencing their first airplane flight and what led up to it elicited lots of giggles, outright guffaws, and a little teary-eyed-ness from me. What did surprise me was how badly I now want to give myself some joy.


Is that possible, though, to GIVE yourself joy?  I’ve spent the last few days thinking about petri dishes and joy.  That doesn’t sound confusing at all, does it?


I remember in high school we would do these science experiments with cultures that we’d put into petri dishes.  Some cultures caused our “star” bacteria to thrive; some killed it.  So if I’m trying to get joy to thrive in my life, perhaps I need to be scientific about it.  I need to think about environments and cultures; in other words, who and what in my life feeds joy or kills it.  If these two grandmas’ adventure is any indication, one of the first things to do is to break out of a comfort zone, do something scary, and do it with a buddy.


That formula- break out of a comfort zone, do something that scares me, and do it with a buddy- has a lot of power to it.  Often, when I am stuck or plateaued, those are the key components to me leaping up to another level.  So, there’s the start to my culture of joy. Now, I just have to find a way to make a Cherie-sized petri dish.


I’m wondering, how do YOU give yourself joy? What culture are you creating for joy in your life?


Watch the video, and then, comment back. Let’s get this JOY TRAIN rolling!


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