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Making the Leap

I recently had the opportunity to be angry, and the word “opportunity” is important here.  There was a time for me when anger was as natural a reaction as swallowing after ingesting fluid.  But this time, something happened; I chose not to be angry.  I dropped my anger, and then, I stepped right over it.   It was so easy it surprised me.  So, the next time a potentially anger-inducing occasion arose, I hopped over it, and it felt really powerful.


Now, I envision the game of hopscotch to get me past moments where I can choose between anger and anything else.  Rock ahead?  Hop.  Another rock, a higher hop.  My confidence in shuffling off anger is growing, and I am falling in love with expecting this response.


I am also looking to Spirit within me and utilizing the same concept we use at the Center when we end our prayers with, “And so it is.”  We mean that we KNOW the prayer has already happened.  “I KNOW” are two very powerful words.  And, I’m here to testify that knowing is a great truth, and I am happy to report the Law of Circulation dissipates the circumstances that cause me to think I need to choose at all.  With each opportunity, I know that there is no obstacle so large, no affront so personal, and no situation so impossible that would warrant my allowing anger to permeate my sacred space.   Forgive…hop. Forget…hop. Forge ahead…hop. I practice until it comes naturally, and I know it will.

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