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My Answer is Ready to be Revealed

Spirit ALWAYS has the best idea.
And that idea is here for me.
Wherever I am is always the place to bring my highest good.
That is the way Spirit works.
Right now, I listen to my inner voice that I call Spirit and hear the answer to my question that is on my mind right now.
I know that my perfect answer expands my horizons.
I know it reflects who I am as a spiritual being.
Although my answer has not come yet, I know it is on its way.
I listen to Spirit giving me direction from my inner voice.
I use my common sense and my God-given wisdom.
I listen to my heart.
Thankfully, the message is there, waiting to be revealed.
I have all the pieces to put together.
I am good at doing that.
There is nothing that God and I cannot do together.
And so it is.

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