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You can fill out a Prayer Request Card (located in the back pockets of the aisle chairs or at the concierge desk), and place it in the offering plate or the box at the Concierge Desk or email any prayer requests to Throughout the week or during whatever time you specify, you will have Practitioners affirming your request.


No matter what, though, we want you to know we care and are ready and willing to help.

24/7 Prayer Line: (816) 931-2396

Our practitioners update the 24/7 Prayer Line daily with a new affirmative prayer. Call in whenever you need to hear a voice of compassion, wisdom, and certain to help you pray. You can also leave a message for a prayer request on a specific situation you are dealing with.


The word “Practitioner” may be new to you, and it simply means that these designated people are high-level “practicers” of the Science of Mind principles.


A Practitioner works to assist you in solving problems and experiencing greater good in your life.  They work to help you understand your challenge and its cause, and then, through Affirmative Prayer, the spiritual laws are set in motion to resolve your issue.


Having participated in extensive training to develop themselves into being Consciousness On Demand, practitioners are licensed and skilled in using Science of Mind principles and especially Affirmative Prayer. This requires a minimum of three years of class work and practice and passing a written exam and paneling before licensed ministers and Practitioners.


You will see our Practitioners onstage at the end of services or standing by the side walls between services and wearing a white stole around their necks.  They are available during these times free of charge to assist you with your prayer needs or at other times by appointment on a fee basis.

Betty Cook, RScP



Virginia Firestone, RScP


Mark Hayes
Mark Hayes, RScP


Beth Jacobs

Beth Jacobs, RScP

Melynda Little, RScP

Carol Whalen, RScP


Judy Whitcraft, RScP


Prayer Library.

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