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Right and Perfect Mate

I live in a Universe that has a loving, giving Creator.
And thank goodness for that!
I am the recipient of all types of prosperity from this wonderful Source.
It wants me to have it.
It is my birthright.
Right now, a fantastic, loving relationship with a special soul mate is on the way.
He is generous, caring, and adores me.
And I adore him back.
He is intelligent, honest, and spiritual.
And I am honest with him back.
He is playful, talented and fun.
And I am definitely playful and fun back.
He knows how to love me, and he lets me love him back.
He is beautiful inside and out.
And he knows I am beautiful inside and out.
He sees the beauty of my uniqueness and doesn’t want to change anything about me.
He wants to give me the world, and he has the means to do that.
He is ready for a committed relationship and sees me as his lifetime partner.
He is right in front of me, waiting for me.
He sees me, I see him, and we immediately recognize the light shining from inside the other.
I don’t “hope” he is on his way. I KNOW he is on his way now.
Thank You for sending this wonderful man into my life.
I know that our love together makes the world a better place.
I accept this wonderful happening, knowing I am worth it.
And so it is.

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