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Phase 1 New signage (complete)
Phase 2 Demolish building, create space for future parking
Phase 3 Landscaping and beautification
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Explore ways we can build community, support greater understanding, and prevent violence before someone hurts themselves or another person.
Featured guest speakers are Anthony Butler, founder of The V.I.P. Movement (Violence I Prevent), and Dr. Julie Connor, TED speaker, educator, and gun violence survivor.
Learn more about about what’s being done in Kansas City to prevent violence from a panel of peace and inclusion advocates during our Q&A session.

There is no charge to attend this event. Please consider a free will love offering.

Gallery Hours:

Thursday 4PM – 8PM
Friday 4PM – 8PM
Saturday Noon – 4PM
Sunday 9AM – Noon

Each artist can apply for multiple months if they desire. Click the link here.

Monthly Themes

October-The Body Politic—honoring the body, our relationship to it with ourselves, others and our complication in it.

November-Fight the Power—submit your original activist and passionate art that highlights social justice issues that are often ignored or belittled.

December- Flames of Faith—over 26 sacred holidays are celebrated during this time of year. Submit work that symbolizes your faith and your connection to it, whatever that faith may be.