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The Universe is listening

I rolled the window down in resignation. The young police officer smiled as he spoke in an overly, happy tone. “Your license plates’ expired – what’s with that?” I knew it, but in my crazy, busy life I just hadn’t got to it yet. “Oh noooo!” I replied in my best “I had no idea” tone. I handed over my driver’s license and insurance card before he could finish asking for them. “Did you forget about it?” he asked. “Yes”. I replied sheepishly. He smiled again, told me he would be a few minutes, then walked back to his flashing lights, which were alerting every driver that passed by to slow down and look over at me – the guilty one.


The five minute wait for Officer Happy to return seemed like 5 hours. But, while I was sitting in isolation with the monkey chatter doing its best to prepare me for the worst, a new thought broke through and told me to dig into my spiritual tool box. First, I closed my eyes and remembered to breathe. Then I said a little prayer, well actually, it was more of a demand that I placed on the Universe.


“Please let the God in him (Officer Happy) see the God in me. Let him realize that I am doing the best that I can with what I’ve got right now. I’m not a bad person and I will take care of renewing my plates as soon as I can. So, how about just giving me a warning today? Thank you.”


I continued to breathe slowly as Officer Happy approached. Again he smiled as he handed back my license and insurance card.
“ Well, I’m not going to give you a ticket today. That would be $100 which doesn’t make any sense to me!” At this point he’s laughing and I laugh too as I agree with him. He looks me in the eye and almost knowingly says “Please take care of this as soon as possible. And have a great day!”


I thanked him and then I took a minute to close my eyes and thanked the Universe for listening.


If I had never attended The Center, listened to the Sunday talks, signed up for the classes, read the books, I would never have known to talk to the Universe in the way that I do. I would never have known that I could place a demand on the Universe and get results. They may not always show up as quickly as this one did but they do show up.


Thank you Universe and thank you Center For Spiritual Living, Kansas City for being my ‘Spiritual tool box outfitter.’

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